NFL Flag

Flag Football Has Arrived in Roanoke County

hat exactly is Flag Football?
Flag football, specifically NFL Flag, is a fun and fast paced non-contact alternative to tackle football. NFL Flag emphasizes football skill development, fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship and is an exciting introduction to football or those concerned with player safety. NFL Flag is played with small teams with all players playing skilled positions (Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver). Players lead themselves down a shortened field in an attempt to score touchdowns.

When does the season start, and how often will we play?

Teams will begin practicing the first Saturday in August and practice twice per week. Teams will typically practice once during the week and once on Saturday during the practice season. After Labor Day, the game season will begin and teams will practice once during the week and play games on Saturdays. The game season will run from Labor Day through the end of October.

What does my registration fee cover and how much is it?
Each registration fee of $75 covers the player's NFL replica jersey which they get to keep, membership in USA Football which includes participant insurance, flag belt, initial mouthpiece, post season awards banquet and trophy. The only additional expenses you may incur are cleats and team pictures should you choose to purchase them. Cleats are not required for flag football!

When are signups?

Registration opens May 1 and closes July 15. A late sign up period is available after July 15 if space is available. Please note a late fee may apply.

Who can sign up?

Registration is open to Roanoke County resident boys and girls ages 6 to 12. All participants must be 6 on or before September 30th. If numbers warrant, separate boys and girls divisions will be offered.

Where can I register?

Registration is done online through Roanoke County's registration system. To do so, simply click HERE to begin the registration process.

How are teams formed?
If numbers warrant, teams will be formed from within the elementary school the child attends. Children will be broken down by age with players grouped into divisions with similar ages. If the elementary school your child attends does not have enough players to form a team in your child's age group, players will be placed on a team of the closest elementary school that does. Players will be randomly assigned to teams with the exception of siblings in the same age division who are automatically assigned to the team.

What if I want to coach my child's team but don't know anything about flag football?
If you are interested in coaching, Flag Football is a great place to start! Roanoke County Flag Football coaches will have access to the NFL Flag Library which is a great tool for coaches. The NFL Flag Library has predesigned play books, covers rule questions, shows example practice schedules and many more helpful tips to get you off on the right foot! If you would like more information on coaching flag football, please contact the Athletics Division at 387-6078.

Now that I have signed up, what do I do next?

Once teams are formed in late July, your coach will contact you and provide you with a link to your online team schedule so you know when your first practice will be.