Conduct Policies

All Roanoke County Youth Sport Coaches, Participants and Parents agree to the follow the Roanoke County No Tolerance Policy when they register for any youth sport program sanctioned by Roanoke County.

No Tolerance Policy
The goal of the Roanoke County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department is to provide a fun, safe, positive and supportive atmosphere for the players, staff and spectators of Roanoke County’s athletic events. Due to the increase of unsportsmanlike conduct and actions at our youth sporting events, the Department has taken a proactive, no tolerance stance towards any unsportsmanlike act or conduct. Any participant, coach, spectator or official may be disqualified from future participation in the County’s athletic programs for any unsportsmanlike conduct and actions.

The below infractions are in no way a complete list of intolerable actions during a youth sporting event. The purpose is to show examples of infractions and their possible consequences. Roanoke County reserves the right to vary suspension length based on the severity of the action as well as the history of the individual. The Department also authorizes Recreation Clubs to add additional penalties as they see fit.

Please note that any person ejected or removed from Roanoke County’s events or facilities will not be allowed to participate in or spectate at any Departmental activity until given permission from authorized County personnel.

Infractions that may warrant a one game suspension:
  • Receiving a yellow card or a technical, personal, or flagrant foul during a game for unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Not complying with request of game personnel (official, scorekeeper, sites supervisor)
  • Acting in an unsportsmanlike or inappropriate manner before, during or after a scheduled game or practice

Infractions that may warrant a multiple game suspension:
  • Using obscene or inappropriate language which includes flagrant gestures
  • Ejection from a game for inappropriate conduct or rules violations (i.e. Red Card/Two Technical Fouls)
  • Failure to provide Roanoke County, officials and/or proper club authorities with the name/s of player/s, coach/s or spectator/s involved in any infraction when requested to do so
  • Failure of a coach to play all participants their required playing time
  • Use of tobacco by a coach, participant, or game personnel during a scheduled game or practice
  • Confronting a parent, coach or game official before, during, or after a ball game in an inappropriate or unsportsmanlike manner

Infractions that may warrant a year long suspension:

  • Verbal threats or harassment made by a player, spectator or game personnel proceeding, during or following a game
  • Providing false registration information about a parent, coach or participant which makes them eligible to participate in the County’s sports programs when they should not be.

Infractions that may warrant possible lifetime suspensions:
  • Physical violence towards a player, coach, spectator, scorekeeper or official proceeding, during or following a game
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol on or around all Roanoke County facilities