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Camp Roanoke Facts for Parents

This page is rich with information for the parents of campers. It should answer most questions that arise as you prepare to send your child to Camp Roanoke. However, we would love to hear from you if you have other questions!

When The Grown-ups Want To Play

Maybe you've been reading through all the pages and you're beginning to think...hey when do I get to play? Well we've got you covered. We also offer group rental and challenge course team building for adults looking to experience some serious adventure outdoors.Camp Roanoke isn't just for kids, so come on out and have some fun. 

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like more details about Camp Roanoke's programs, please contact Camp Roanoke at (540) 387-6114. 

 Preparing Your Camper

Here are some things to keep in mind as you and your child prepare for camp...

Camper Needs: 

If your child has any individual needs, please let us know before he or she arrives. If necessary, tell us about diet, family situations, group requests, etc. All information is kept private; only the staff involved will be told. Please use the "Camper Profile" on the health form to illustrate these needs in as much detail as possible. In addition, you can always call us at (540) 387-6114 or email our office with the child's name as the subject.

Homesickness: Prior to the summer, parents can help establish the basis of a successful adjustment by following these tips.

• You might discuss the sorts of things you and your camper will write about to each other during the summer.
• Make a letter writing packet that includes pre-addressed stamped envelopes, paper, pen, etc.
• Discuss and help your child list a set of personal goals for their camp experience.
• Choose family photos to send to camp.
• Plan a diary to record camp experiences that can be shared after the summer.
• Include the family as a supportive part of an independent camp experience.
• Please do not make any "private deals" such as "Just call me if you are unhappy and you can come home." Accent the positive instead, and let your child know that counselors and camp directors will be there to help. We have found that most campers make the best of their summer experience only when parents fully support their efforts to adjust to being independent and spending a week away from home.

Each summer, we have very few children who suffer more than usual from homesickness. We begin by recognizing that it is natural to miss home. We work with each child individually, listening and talking about his or her feelings. Of course, we also notify parents if there is a significant homesickness and work with you to implement the best plan. In these instances, you will be a key to your child's adjustment to camp. It is rare that a Camp Roanoke camper leaves due to homesickness. After all, children are active and involved as soon as they arrive at Camp Roanoke.
Anticipating Camp: This spring, campers may wonder, "What will my activities be like?" "Am I going to have fun?" "Who will my friends be?" Campers benefit from encouragement, and a reminder about how brave and wonderful they are to take the step they are taking.
Encourage your child to form friendships, try new activities, and confide in staff as needed. So, let your child know that his or her efforts this summer will be enthusiastically supported by our staff.
FINALLY (for Parents): We recognize that the camp experience is a special one for parents too, and we recognize your desire to be part of the camp experience. Before or during the summer, feel free to call or email us whenever needed. We can also arrange for you to speak with your child's counselor after camper arrival.

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Travel & Accommodations

Camp Roanoke is located just off Interstate 81 in western Roanoke County. If you are coming from Roanoke, we are approximately 20 minutes from the intersection of I-81 and I-581. Please print out the Directions to Camp Roanoke for your use.

Listed below are several businesses offering accommodations relatively close to Camp Roanoke. Other possibilities exist further into Roanoke and can be found at

Holiday Inn Salem

I-81, Exit 137. 1671 Skyview Rd., Salem, VA 24153. 540/389-7061, 800/HOLIDAY.

Quality Inn, Roanoke/Salem

I-81, exit 141. 179 Sheraton Drive, Salem, VA 24153. 540/562-1912.

 Comfort Inn-Salem

I-81, exit 137 to 151 Wildwood Rd., Salem, VA 24153. 540/387-1600.

Knights Inn

I-81, Exit 137. 301 Wildwood Road, Salem, VA 24153. 540/389-0280.

Super 8 Motel-Salem

I-81, Exit 137. 300 Wildwood Rd., Salem, VA 24153. 540/389-0297, 800/800-8000

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Camper Drop-Off & Pick-Up Schedule

Drop off - Campers are to be dropped off daily, Monday - Friday at Camp Roanoke between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM. For Campers utilizing our satellite transportation from Tanglewood Mall, drop-off is from 8:00 AM - 8:20 AM.

Pick up - Campers are to be picked up daily, Monday - Friday from Camp Roanoke at 4:00 PM. For Campers utilizing our satellite transportation from Tanglewood Mall, pick-up is from 4:40-4:50.

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Contacting Your Camper

We have found that it is often difficult for some kids to make the adjustment to camp life if they are in contact with home. If you do need to make contact with your child, choose from one of the following options:

  • By Phone: Call the camp office at 387-6114 and leave a message, your child will call you as soon as they are able. Otherwise, campers are not allowed to place or receive telephone calls. Parents are welcome to speak with their camper's counselor or the director. *Absolutely no cell phones are allowed to be used by campers*
  • By Email/Fax: You can also email or send a fax to (540) 387-6043, to the attention of the camp director with your child's name in the subject line. The camper will receive a printout of your message during mail call. However, campers are not able to respond by facsimile or email.
  • Emergencies: Camp contact Greg Martin, Camp Manager call cell phone at (540) 520-3447

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Medications & Records

Staff is certified to properly administer medications and provide limited medical services.  All medications (prescription / over the counter) need to be packaged and labeled in the following manner: 

  • Place medication (in its original container / packaging) in a zip lock bag. Enclose instructions on how and when to administer. If this is prescription medication, make sure directions from the doctor are enclosed or printed on the container.
  • On the top of an index card indicate whether this medication is “as needed” or “daily”. We will record when and by whom the medication was administered return any unused medication at the end of camp. Also on this index card please print the child’s full name and phone number.
  • Be sure to indicate proper storage of the medication (i.e. refrigeration).
  • Only send enough medication for the length of the camp.
  • For multiple medications: enclose each medication in a separate zip lock bag.

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Food & Non-Food Items

Food Items: Please send your camper with a packed lunch. Refrigeration and microwave capabilities are unavailable, so please pack accordingly. We will provide a morning and afternoon snack. Due to severe allergies, please refrain from packing peanut products in your child’s lunch. If peanuts cannot be avoided, please have your child notify their counselor that they have peanut products that day. 

Non-Food Items: Nerf balls, small board games, cards and other such items are allowed. Please do not send aerosols of any kind, including bug spray and silly string. Pocket knives or other weapons are not permitted on camp property.

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Clothing & Equipment

A suggested clothing and equipment list is included within the Registration Packet for each camp session. See the link at the bottom of the page for Registration Packets and Packing Lists. Please label all of your child's personal items.

Registration Packets & Packing Lists

Registration Packets for Summer Camp and other important information can be found on our Registration and Forms page. Registration packets contain forms for camper information, permission forms, and important health forms. All forms from the registration packet must be returned before your child can attend camp.

If you would like printed registration form mailed to you, please call either Camp Roanoke at 540-387-6114 or Roanoke County Parks, Recreation & Tourism at 540-387-6078.

Important! Be certain to review the packing lists included in the registration packets

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