Challenge Course

Elements Designed to Challenge Individuals & Groups
A challenge course is a series of low and high activities referred to as elements. These elements are designed to challenge participants to optimize their individual and group resources. Success depends largely on the level of individual commitment, team support, and performance. 

Through action, reflection, and discussion, participants develop an awareness of the importance of each group member’s unique qualities. Scroll down for more information about challenge course and team building elements.

Contact Information
To inquire about or book your custom outdoor experience, please call or email us.
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High Ropes Course
The high course is a dynamic environment which challenges individuals and builds self-confidence. Under the supervision of trained staff, and aided by group support, participants negotiate seven elements that range in height from 20 to 50 feet.

Your journey will include challenges such as a cargo net climb, rope bridge, wire walk with suspended ropes, a plank bridge, and a vertical suspended ladder.

Our high course meets safety standards provided by the Association for Challenge Course Technology, and is annually inspected. Staff members undergo several days of comprehensive training prior to operation of the course

Zip Line
Camp Roanoke features one of the longest tree-to-tree ziplines in Virginia on an accredited course. Fly through the air at an exhilarating speed while suspended in a harness from a double wheeled trolley.

The zip line is over 300 feet in length and features a bungee pull stop for a gentle slow down and stop. The zip line meets safety standards provided by the Association for Challenge Course Technology and is annually inspected

Low Ropes Course
The low course consists of 12 unique ground-based elements, which develop a foundation of skills related to communication, trust, leadership, teamwork and problem solving. Some challenges are cognitive in nature, while others are more physically challenging.

Low course challenges include activities such as trust falls, spider's cave, rope maze, island crossing, nitro crossing and more. Our staff are trained to sequence events to maximize group benefits. De-briefing and analysis are also a key part of your low ropes experience.

Climbing Wall
The climbing tower is a four-sided freestanding structure with 44 feet of vertical climbing surface. Climbing routes are set using simulated rock holds providing varying levels of challenge. Our tower also features a "bird's beak" overhang for an even bigger challenge. The tower can be used in conjunction with a challenge course experience, or programmed for pure recreation.

The climbing wall meets safety standards provided by the Association for Challenge Course Technology and is annually inspected. All staff members are trained in the most current belaying and safety techniques.

Maximize Your Experience
Prior to experiencing the challenge course, outline your group's goals and objectives for the day, which can be set for the entire group as well as the individuals. Staff will assist you in setting goals at the start of the group’s challenge course experience or through session(s) arranged in advance.

Challenge Course Benefits...
  • Improve group skills in communication and leadership.
  • Develop trust and respect for individual differences.
  • Improve group cohesion and teamwork.
  • Create a supportive environment.
  • Increase self confidence and self esteem.

Program Options
It's the details that often make the difference between a good program that is useful and an extraordinary program that is talked about for years afterwards. No two programs are exactly the same, and as a result, every program is customized to meet your needs. Meals, meeting rooms, overnight accommodations, and adventure programs are just a few of the experiences that can be included.

Half Day Low Challenge Course: This is one of the most popular options for groups with limited time. This four hour program includes a mix of field games, initiatives, and low course elements.

Low and High Course Sampler: This fast paced six-hour program includes field games, initiatives, and a wide variety of low course events, plus one or two of the high course events or the climbing tower.

Low and High Course Combo:
Eight full hours of challenge! This program combines all of the group dynamics of the low course with the high excitement and individual challenge of the high course.

Multiple Day Course:
For a true retreat and immersion into the experience, choose a program involving more than one day. Much of the learning that takes place on a challenge course comes from reflecting back on the experience. By extending your group's experience, it allows your group a chance to reflect and bring closure to your experience.

Schedule a Program

  • Contact Camp Roanoke at (540) 387-6114 to discuss your group goals, program options and possible dates. Call at least three weeks in advance to reserve a date. Most groups schedule six to eight weeks in advance.

  • Take a tour. We highly recommend taking a tour of the challenge course and facility prior to scheduling your group.

Once your group is scheduled we will send you a contract with program details, a set of health history and liability waivers, directions to the camp, and a brief description of the challenge course to distribute among your group.

  • Return the contract with your deposit to our offices. Have your group member’s fill out and sign waivers. Collect all the waiver forms and bring them on the date of your program.

  • Anticipate a phone call from us the week before the program date to confirm any last minute details.

  • Come to Camp Roanoke ready to have fun!