Explore Recreation Magazine is the Roanoke Valley’s most widely distributed magazine focused exclusively on recreation and family fun.Not only is it a complete catalog of Roanoke County Parks, Recreation and Tourism programs, but also a treasure trove of enlightening articles, maps and community resources.

Your Destination For Exploration

Our goal is to encourage Roanoke area residents to explore their world through participation in our core program areas of Move, Splash, Learn and Explore. Roanoke County prides itself on top-notch “destination” recreation facilities like Green Ridge Recreation Center, Camp Roanoke, Splash Valley and Explore Park. We’re also a key resource for individuals that are new to the area or visiting as tourists.


Recreation prints 60,000 copies per quarter, with direct mail to over 50,000 households and rack distribution at dozens of area Kroger stores, County libraries and public buildings. Our most highly saturated areas are the 24018 and 24019 zip codes within Roanoke County, which also reflects some of the highest average income in our area.

Advertising Rates and Editorial Calendar

Winter Issue: Health Focus - Distribution in late November   (Reserve by Oct 15)
Spring Issue: Summer Camps Focus - Distribution in late February   (Reserve by Jan 15)
Summer Issue: Outdoor Recreation Focus - Distribution in late May   (Reserve by April 15)
Fall Issue: Arts & Lifestyle Focus - Distribution in late August   (Reserve by July 15)


Prices are determined by the “base rate.” Frequency discounts are based on agreement to purchase in consecutive issues. Placement
in specific areas of the publication available by request.
 Ad Type
 Dimensions  Base  2x rate
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 3.75"w x 5.25"h
 $650  $550  $450  $350
 1/2 page
 7.75"w x 5.5"h
 $1300  $1100  $1000  $800
 Full page
 8"w x 10.75"h
 $1600  $1500  $1400  $1300
 Inside cover
 8"w x 10.75"h  $1800  $1700  $1600  $1500
 Back cover
 8"h x 8"w  $2200  $2100  $2000  $1800

Mechanical Specs

Accepted formats are PDF, JPG and EPS. We recommend a 300dpi file formatted for CMYK printing.
Design services are available by request.
All ads are included in an online copy of the publication

Digital Advertising Displays:

Each year, over 50,000 visitors come through our doors. Be seen on our digital displays at Green Ridge Recreation Center (4) and Brambleton Center (1) and position yourself alongside our recreation programs. 

These ads will run in rotation with our internal program and event notices on all five screens, with an estimated appearence frequency of 500 to 800 per week on each screen.

Get your digital ad FREE with the purchase of any full-page print ad.


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Business and Information Manager
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