Ropes Course

Coming soon, a new aerial adventure course at Explore Park. Projected opening date: July 2019.

About TreetopQuest

Treetop Quest is a family adventure, with courses for kids as young as 4 and higher more challenging options for teens and adults. Parents enjoy quality family time and children are thrilled for an adventure like they’ve never experienced! Adventurers soar though the forest on Tarzan swings, traverse cargo nets, balance on tightropes and fly across zip-lines.

Treetop Quest operates seasonally from March through November, accommodating a broad clientele from families and individuals on weekends, to corporate groups and school field trips on weekdays. Zipping and maneuvering from tree to tree provides a unique opportunity to experience nature in new ways, while at the same time connecting with friends and family.

  • Treetop Quest’s mission is to challenge adventurers to reach new heights, connect with their environment, and explore with a unique community of people.

Our mission stands on three pillars: adventure, environmental education, and community. It is our goal to connect you with each of these pillars right in your own backyard. Whether we achieve a bucket-list item for you or become your favorite weekend pastime, we aspire to get you out of your comfort zone. Treetop Quest challenges you mentally and physically, connects you with the environment, teaches you about the nature in your neighborhood, and provides a rich community of people to enjoy these adventures with. We are honored to uniquely contribute to each community that we serve.

Chick Pea Gwinnett