Wellness Workshop Series

Jump start your fitness goals with our monthly wellness workshops! Get tips from the pros on a different topic on one Saturday afternoon each month. This informative series is only $5 per session for members, or $8 for guests. One hour of your time is worth it for better health!

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Saturday, April 11 - Bands, Battle Rope, Kettle Bells 
Learn a variety of exercises using small equipment in our Wellness area. Learn how to effectively use equipment such as a battle rope, kettle bell and bands to help you increase your strength and reach your fitness goals. Course 23336. REGISTER ONLINE HERE

Saturday, May 9 - Learn to Lift: Foundations of Safe Weight Training 
Learn proper weightlifting form including proper stances, hip hinging, core muscle engagement and proper hand replacement. Learn basic weight lifting exercises which may include squats, dead lifts, bent over rows and more. Course 23337. REGISTER ONLINE HERE