What is Green Ridge Recreation Center?
Green Ridge Recreation Center is not a fitness club. What you’ll find with us is a community recreation center focused on a mission to provide healthy fun for everyone! Green Ridge opened January 1, 2010, with a promise to the community that a diverse set of recreation needs would be met and that the facility would be affordable and accessible to everyone while recovering 100% of the
operating costs through user fees. Green Ridge provides the community with a number of ways to enjoy the facility:
• Daily admission to the Indoor Center
• Participation in our many programs
• Monthly pass holders utilizing the “Green Membership” program
• Rental of our multi-purpose/meeting rooms, gymnasiums, and birthday party rooms
• Tourism initiatives, such as state and national athletic tournaments

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1. What is Green Ridge Recreation Center?
2. Do I have to be a member to use Green Ridge?
3. What are the indoor pool hours?
4. Why become a Green Ridge member?
5. Does my membership include Splash Valley?
6. What are the age requirements for my child to use different areas of the facility?
7. Are there program discounts for members?
8. Can I sign up for a program after its registration period is closed?