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Touch-A-Truck Participant Form

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  2. Touch-A-Truck Participant Form 2023
  3. Twelfth Annual Touch-a-Truck
    Roanoke County's Green Hill Park
    Saturday, September 23, 2023, 10 AM - 3 PM
    A Rain or Shine Event!

    Reservations are accepted on a first come, first served basis

    Welcome to the 12th annual "Touch a Truck," where kids of all ages can once again climb, discover and explore! This free event is a community wide event where both kids and adults have the opportunity to see, touch, and play while learning about cool vehicles. Our goal is to once again bring in over 200 vehicles and you can be a part of meeting that goal! From fire trucks to motorcycles, cement trucks to police cars, UPS trucks to garbage trucks - come join us on Saturday, September 23rd as we turn Roanoke County's Green Hill Park into a thrilling and fun-filled adventure. 

    Additional activities will include events involving "water" such as Firemen's Foam. A petting zoo, craft activities, food vendors and other special attractions will help to add to the event's appeal. Cameras are highly recommended so folks can capture the day's events and take home many memories to share.

    Almost any vehicle fits the bill for this event, and we encourage you to bring multiple vehicles. It is important to have someone from your company/organization in attendance to talk about the vehicle and its operation. They will also be in charge of how much access the public is allowed. We look forward to you joining us in this one of a kind community event! Please return immediately. 

  4. *If electricity is needed, you will be required to bring your own generator*
  5. Please indicate equipment specifications for space allowance. Please remember that you can promote your organization at this event as long as you also provide a vehicle/truck of which the children can have a hands-on-experience!

    Please indicate which day/time you will bring your equipment/vehicle(s) to the park. Please be specific. We may not be able to accommodate your request but we will try. Parking Touch-A-Truck vehicles will begin on Friday, September 22 at Noon-7:00 PM and will begin again on Saturday, September 23 beginning at 7:00 AM. No vehicles will be parked after 9:00 AM on Saturday as a safety precaution to our guests to the park.

  6. Please select below for either Friday PM set-up or Saturday AM set-up*

  7. Please return immediately to:

    Marcia Dougherty Roanoke County P, R&T 1206 Kessler Mill Road, Salem, VA 24153
    Fax (540) 387-6146 
    Questions? Please call (540) 387-6078 X 0

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