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Summer A.C.E. Form

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  2. The following form is required for participation in Summer A.C.E. from Therapeutic Recreation Services of the Roanoke Valley. Please review all information in the A.C.E. brochure before completing this form. Registration is not considered complete until all forms and deposit are received. All NEW participants of A.C.E. must schedule a pre-registration screening interview to determine appropriateness before registration will be considered complete.
  3. Residency*
  4. T-Shirt Size:*
  5. Please select the weeks or days your participant is attending (check all that apply)
  6. Week 1: June 5-9
  7. Week 2: June 12-16
  8. Week 3: June 19-23 (no 6/19)
  9. Week 4: June 26-30
  10. Week 5: July 3-7 (no 7/4)
  11. Week 6: July 10-14
  12. Week 7: July 17-21
  13. Week 8: July 24-27 (no 7/28)
  15. Does participant have a physical disability?*
  16. Does participant use (check all that apply):
  17. Check areas that apply and explain symptoms below, treatments and actions to take:
  19. Check personal care areas that apply:
  20. Will a medical care provider or 1:1 staff member be attending camp?*
  21. Any staff that will be attending camp with an ACE camper that is not employed with Roanoke County will need to complete a Volunteer Form, Child Protective Services Form, and a complete a Criminal Background Check.
  23. Will medication need to be administered during ACE?*
  24. Is assistance Needed in administering these medications? (If yes, a request for medication administration form must be completed. These forms are enclosed in the ACE parent handbook, distributed to parents after their child has been accepted into hte program.*
  26. Can we speak with the teacher regarding you child's needs and IEP goals?*
  28. Is the participant generally:
  29. Does the participant have a current behavior plan?*
  30. Leave This Blank:

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