Swimming Lessons

Registration opens for our Winter lessons on November 13.  We will have two 8 week sessions on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. 
Private and semi-private swim lessons for ages 3 and up are also available. Email jmillar@roanokecountyva.gov or call 540-777-6303 for inquiries. 

Green Ridge Recreation Center follows the guidelines of the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim, Preschool and Parent-Child swimming lesson programs. Red Cross standards help us maintain the quality, consistency and credibility of our Aquatics Program. Our facility provides a safe and fun learning environment utilizing certified Water Safety Instructors. Each level is a progression through basic swimming skills and water safety.  Students must be able to follow directions and to take turns in order to participate in group lessons. Classes may be offered as combination classes and/or canceled due to lack of enrollment. Scroll down or follow these links:


Private Lessons

We want to help you learn to swim!  Green Ridge is happy to offer private or semi-private lessons to those people who are not able to fit into our group lesson schedule, need extra attention or would prefer to learn to swim in a one-on-one situation.  We offer this service to anyone 3 years or older.  A certified Water Safety Instructor will develop a program that meets the goals and needs of each individual.  Private lessons are offered on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 4:00 and 7:00 PM.  Semi-private lessons are for two or three people and are a group formed by you.  In order to maintain safety, all individuals should be close in age and similar ability. Please call (540) 777-6303 or email jmillar@roanokecountyva.gov to inquire about availability.  

 Ages Lesson Type Number of Sessions Duration Fee Reserve Your Space 
 All Private 1 30 minutes $25  Please Call (540)777-6303
 All Private 5 30 minutes $99  Please Call (540)777-6303
 All Private 10 30 minutes $190  Please Call (540)777-6303
 All Semi-private 5 30 minutes $75 per person  Please Call (540)777-6303
 All Semi-private 10 30 minutes $145 per person  Please Call (540)777-6303

Preschool Lessons

Baby Drops (6 months to 18 months)

No need to wait! Start the process of introducing your baby to the water sooner rather than later. This parent and child class will start building your baby’s confidence and swimming readiness. What a fun opportunity for you and  your child to explore the water and become adjusted together. Parents will learn basic water skills to keep their children safe and help them to love the water. Safety information and teaching techniques will be provided to parents.  Parental participation is required.


Tiny Bubbles (19 months to 36 months)

Join your child as they discover the world of water. With your help, toddlers will experiment with arm and leg action, floating and going under water. Lots of repetition will help them become very comfortable and confident in the water.  This is a  fun and engaging class which will keep your child wanting to come back even as they are learning about safety and swimming skills.  Parental participation is required.


Little Splashes (ages 3-4)


This is the first class parents get to watch instead of participate!  Come enjoy watching your children gain confidence and a love of the water as they develop aquatic skills that will keep them safe for years to come. In Little Splashes the instructors will introduce bubble blowing, floating, gliding, arm and leg movement and rolling, all of which are designed to keep your child safe in the water.  Parents are encouraged to participate in the safety portion of the class to keep your entire family safe around aquatic environments.

Big Waves (ages 4-5)

Celebrate your child’s independence in the water. They must be comfortable separating from their parents and be able to follow safety rules. Children are encouraged to develop arm strokes, kicking, floating and submerging independently. Safety lessons will be more in depth. While this class is very often a beginners class, we also welcome the more advanced swimmer of this age that isn't quite ready to move up to Learn To Swim.  The class will be divided appropriately after the first day in order that all levels of swimmer get the most out of these lessons.  While it may take a while to pass this class keep in mind your child is learning several levels and with differing levels of assistance. 


Youth lessons

Level 1 Lessons (ages 6-12)

Let’s have fun learning to swim!  This is a class for the older beginning swimmer to become comfortable and confident in the water. They will gain basic aquatic skills including: beginning swimming strokes, breath control, floating and kicking, all of which will help to keep them safe. Games and activities will help teach them to enjoy and become adjusted to the water. In addition, they will participate in a safety lesson each day that will encourage them to be safe around all aquatic environments.  The goal is a positive attitude towards swimming and water safety.


Level 2 Lessons (ages 6 to 12)

We will continue to build on the basic skills learned in Level one. Participants will become more confident and able to swim short distances by themselves. Students in this class should be very comfortable going under the water. Emphasis in this class is on learning to float without support, alternating arms and leg actions on front and back along with rotary breathing. Safety lessons are ever present in order to ensure our participants’ safety around all water environments. We don’t forget the fun!


Level 3 & 4 Lessons (ages 6 to 12)

Now you’re really a swimmer! Swimmers in this class are very confident and comfortable in the water while developing strokes such as dolphin kick, breast stroke and eventually butterfly and side stroke. We'll also practice rotary breathing and being able to swim the distance of our lap lane without stopping.  Safety lessons become more in depth and cover more topics. While we have combined Levels 3 and 4 to be able to keep offering both levels, do not think for a minute that your child is missing out on any skills or information.  They will be challenged to learn all 6 strokes, swim the length of our lap lanes several times during the lesson and be considered "water competent" according to the American Red Cross.  Instructors are pushing students at this level to refine their strokes.  Many participants are ready for swim team when they complete this class. 


Adult Lessons / Multigenerational

Begin to Swim

It’s never too late to learn how to swim! Our swim instructors will provide an introductory water program designed for adults that may be fearful about participation in water activities or need assistance developing their basic swimming skills. This is a comfortable, encouraging environment with very patient instructors who want to help participants conquer their fear of the water and learn to swim. 


Email jmillar@roanokecountyva.gov or call (540)777-6303 to inquire.