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Special Use Application

  1. To hold an event in a Roanoke County park space or picnic shelter, this special use application must be completed and approved by our staff. Special use applications may be submitted up to 6 months in advance of your event. Submissions received within 14 business days of your event may not be considered. If approved, a permit will be issued. Once this form is submitted, please allow 48 hours for our Customer Service Staff to contact you regarding the application.
  3. Do you plan to charge any attendance or registration fees?*
  4. Roanoke County requires pre-approval for any special amusements, games or special activities such as amusement rides, moon bounces, dunking booths, petting zoos, tents etc. to be set up on County property. The addition of these special activities will require the event to provide a $1 million liability insurance certificate with the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors Named as the Additional Insured.
  5. Does your event require pre-approved amusements?*
  6. Do you require water or electricity? Check all that apply:
  7. NOTE: Most sites do not have water or electricity. Please review site amenities at
  8. Do you plan to serve alcohol at your event?*
  9. NOTE: Alcohol permits are available ONLY for Green Hill Park, Explore Park and Camp Roanoke. By checking YES, our special events staff has been notified and will contact you. You will also be responsible for obtaining your own Virginia ABC permit.
  10. For additional INTERNAL event application questions, please check this box.
  11. Complete your application by clicking SUBMIT below. Our staff will respond within 14 business days after reviewing your request. Questions? Call our administrative office at (540) 387-6078 ext. 0.
  12. Maintenance Support - Please check all of the items needed for this event:
  13. Which park amenities could be affected by this event? Check all that apply:
  14. Will a staff member be on site the day of the event to help facilitate?
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