After School for Kids

After School for Kids (ASK) is a recreation program where children in grades K-5 can have fun while learning through age-appropriate activities that foster physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Modified Program for 2020-2021

Roanoke County Public Schools have announced a plan for staggered schedule of in-person instruction (Group 1 - Mon/Thu & Group 2 - Tue/Fri). Child care options will be offered as follows:

  • Grades K-3: ASK will continue as planned within each school location. If you're already enrolled and wish to remain in the program, there are no changes. Payment schedules will begin on August 18.
  • Grades 3-5: ASK will be available two days per week for your child. Rates will be prorated. If you are already enrolled in this program, you will receive communication soon about rate changes.
  • At Home Days: We're offering RoCo Cares Enrichment Program for full day supervision up to three days a week. This program is available exclusively for ASK participants at a rate of $50 per day, per child. Available Locations include Green Ridge, Brambleton Center, Glenvar High and William Byrd High. Registration will open for this program on Friday, August 7.  For more information about this program please visit this site.

For More Information

If you have any questions or would like more details, please contact our administrative office at (540) 387-6078 ext.0

Registration, Fees & Scheduling

Scroll down, or follow the links below for answers to these frequently asked questions:

EXEMPTION: Roanoke County Parks, Recreation and Tourism ASK Program is exempt from licensure by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Code of Virginia § 63.2-1715(B)(6)
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Ask Sites

 2020-2021 Spaces Available
 Back Creek
Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0
 Bonsack  2020 Fall Program Canceled Due to Low Enrollment (COVID19 Related)
 Cave Spring K-2
FULL for 2020-2021 - Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0 for waitlist
 Cave Spring 3-5
 FULL for 2020-2021 - Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0 for waitlist
Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0
 Glen Cove
Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0
 Green Valley
 FULL for 2020-2021- Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0 for waitlist
 Herman L Horn
Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0
 Masons Cove
Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0
 Mountain View
Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0
 Mt. Pleasant
2020 Fall Program Canceled Due to Low Enrollment (COVID19 Related)
 Oak Grove  FULL for 2020-2021 - Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0 for waitlist
 Penn Forest K-2
 FULL for 2020-2021- Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0 for waitlist
 Penn Forest 3-5
 FULL for 2020-2021 - Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0 for waitlist
 W.E. Cundiff
 Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0

How to Register

Step 1: 

Check the list of elementary schools above to make sure there is still space available at your child’s school.  Specific school information is updated WEEKLY but may not reflect recent changes in program status.  Call our administrative office at (540) 387-6078 x0 to be completely certain of program availability.

Step 2:

  Click on the link below and complete the Roanoke County Health History Form. (NOTE: Please DO NOT sign-in or create an account on this page)  At the bottom of this form click the submit button.  If you prefer, you may print it out and mail to Roanoke County Parks - ASK Administration, 1206 Kessler Mill Rd. Salem, VA 24153 or email to

Step 3 (Option A - Register by Phone):

Register by phone at (540) 387-6078 x0.

Step 3 (Option B - Register Online): 

Complete your registration online using the Roanoke County Parks online registration portal. This option is available prior to the upcoming season, April 2 to  August 13 ONLY.

  • Log in to online registration portal. For new users, please create an account first.Make sure you create both a parent/guardian as primary account holder and your child as an additional family member. If you have done business with Roanoke County Parks since December, 2016 you have an existing account. Please use the Forgot Password function with your email on file to retrieve your account, or call (540) 387-6078 x0 to inquire about your online login.
  • Under the REGISTRATION tab, choose AFTER SCHOOL from the category list and register for the appropriate program.Direct links to your school program are available in the ASK sites chart above.Select the green REGISTER button.
  • You will see a list of dates for the entire year on this page. Scroll to the bottom to select the registrant's name (your child). Accept the terms of our program waiver. Choose a payment option from AUTOMATIC PAYMENT SCHEDULE (every other week) or PAY IN FULL (the whole year).
  • Add to cart and complete your transaction



Program Fees 2020-2021


Automatic Draft

 Payment Taken
 First Child
 Each Additional Child
 Grades K-3 (five day week) - Payment drafts on 3rd & 18th beginning August 18.
 $127  $114
 Grades 4-5 (two day week) - Payment drafts on 3rd & 18th beginning August 18.
 $60  $54

Please use your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover cards to make bi-weekly or monthly payments. Please note that cash/check payment will NOT be available this year. All outstanding balances for the previous year must be paid in order for a child to continue in ASK for the next year. Payments are based on 180 days of service.  Draft will occur on the 3rd and 18th of each month.

Update Your Payment Information Online Anytime

 New this year, you can change your credit card on file or update payment at any time!

  • Log in to online registration portal. If you don't remember your password, please use the Forgot Password function with your email on file to retrieve your account, or call (540) 387-6078 x0 to inquire about your online login.
  • Select MY ACCOUNT > PAYMENT ACCOUNTS to manage your card(s) on file
  • Select the ADD NEW button to add a card
  • Under the ACTIVE PAYMENT SCHEDULES header, you can change which card is applied to your scheduled payment

Typical Daily Schedule

Daily activities at all After School for Kids Programs include gym or playground time, snack time, quiet time for homework or other quiet activities, and group or self-directed activities.  A daily schedule is posted at each program.  An example of the daily schedule is:
  • 1:25pm School is dismissed and participants go to the cafeteria
  • 2:00pm Roll-call and Check-In, Quiet Activities
  • 2:05pm Restroom Break
  • 2:20pm Active Time (Gym or Playground)
  • 3:15pm Restroom to wash hands
  • 3:30pm Snack
  • 4:00pm Restroom to wash hands
  • 4:15pm Homework or Quiet Activities
  • 5:15pm Group Activities, Enrichment Activities
  • (This is flexible based on Homework needs and facility schedule)

**This schedule may vary at each site based on homework needs, school use, enrollment and planned activities.


Parent Guide

View the current After School for Kids Parents Guide

 Call (540) 857-5035
 Call (540) 857-5035
 Call (540) 857-5035