2017 Update

Beginning July 1, 2017, the Roanoke County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department updated the youth team sport coaches background screening policy to reflect the recommendations of the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) and to address deficiencies within our previous screening policy.

What changed?


Screenings are now valid for one sports season cycle (year). The cycle begins August 1st and concludes July 31st of the following year.

Who Is Required To Be Screened

Any youth team volunteer including coaches, assistants, book keepers, bench coaches, adult water boys etc who are on/in the sideline, dugout, bench area or game field must now be screening.

Disqualification Criteria

The disqualification criteria for youth sports coaches is now that of the recommendation of the National Recreation and Parks Association and can be found by clicking HERE.

Credentialing Program

Successfully screened volunteers must wear a photo identification badge at all games and practices to be permitted on/in the field, sideline, dugout or bench area during a game or practice. 


Previous Screenings

With the disqualification criteria now changed, previous screenings are invalid. All coaches must be re-screened.

Old Coaches Badges

With the new credentialing program, previous coaching badges are invalid. Coaches will be required to have coaching credential created.