Employee Wellness Discount

Roanoke County is committed to becoming an employer of choice. We also understand the importance of a healthy workforce. The page outlines discounts for wellness focused recreation services now available for Roanoke County employees. Effective February 2020, Roanoke County Public Schools employees are eligible for the Green Ridge membership discounts only.
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Green Ridge Recreation Center - 25% Membership Discount

How to Sign Up:
  • Visit the Green Ridge front desk in-person
  • Present your Roanoke County ID Badge
  • Get 25% off our rates as shown here
Keep in Mind:
  • Must be a current Roanoke County or Roanoke County public schools employee
  • Offer may not be combined with any other discounts
  • Employee must be included in the monthly membership package
  • There is no discount for daily admission
  • Available for both new and current members

Select Wellness Classes -  25% Discounts

Parks, Recreation & Tourism already offers hundreds of wellness classes each year. Now employees can get a 25% discount on select programs designed to support your healthy lifestyle needs

How to Get the Discount:
  • Visit Green Ridge or Brambleton Center in person
  • Present your Roanoke County ID Badge
  • Please note that Roanoke County public schools employees are not eligible for this discount

What Classes Are Eligible?

 Plans  Base Rate  Resident Rate  Employee Rate
 Individual Adult  $55 /month  $46 /month  $34.50 /month
 Adult Couple/Single Parent  $71 /month  $61 /month  $45.75 /month
 Family  $81 month  $70 /month  $52.50 /month
 55+ Individual  $53 /month  $43 /month  $32.25 /month
 55+ Couple  $61 /month  $51  /month  $38.25 /month

Eligible Classes

This is a partial list of eligible wellness programs. Note that youth courses are NOT included in this offer. Our program lineup is changing all the time, so please review our current courses in Explore Recreation Magazine. If you have a question about whether a program is eligible for the Roanoke County Employee Discount, please call Brambleton Center at (540) 772-7529 or Green Ridge at (540) 777-6300.

  • Cycle Classes - Spin It to Win It, Spin & Sculpt, Ride n' Reps, Cycle for Beginners, Lunchtime Cycle Class
  • Group Ex Classes - Total Body Workout, Back in Shape, Dance for your Life, Dancercise, Barre, Pilates, Zumba, Zumba Gold, Core Worx, Body Pump, Fitness Fight Club, Extreme Boot Camp, Cardio Jam, Egyptian Belly Dance
  • Gentle Aerobics & Exercise - Nia, Tai Chi, Body Enrichment, Low Impact Aerobics, Never Stop Moving, University Fit
  • Yoga Classes - Yoga, Beginner Yoga, Yogilates, Refresher Weekend Yoga, Chair Yoga, Mindfulness Yoga, Stress Relief Yoga, Energizing Yoga, Pilates, Power Basics, Yoga for Men, Gentle Flowing Yoga, Flow in the Dark Yoga
  • Wellbeing/Mindset Classes - Transform your metabolism/mindset/motivation, nutrition classes, Mindful Movement
  • Group Training Club (GTC) - Join the Club, and maximize your workouts in a small group with the help of a certified personal trainer
  • Personal Training - Private instruction at Green Ridge
  • Tactical Training Locker - Outdoor guided exercise programs using Green Ridge specialty equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I register a spouse or child for a class using this discount?
A: No, this discount is for current Roanoke County employees only. They may be included in a discounted Green Ridge "family" or "couple" membership only if the employee is listed on the membership package.

Q: My spouse or family are covered under insurance for Roanoke County, are they eligible for the program discount?
A: No, this discount is for current Roanoke County employees only. However, your family is eligible for a Green Ridge Recreation Center membership as long as an employee is included on the plan.

Q: Are retirees eligible for this discount?
A: No, this discount is for current Roanoke County employees only.

Q: I am already a Green Ridge member, can I get the discount?

A: Yes. Visit the front desk in-person and ask to transfer your monthly membership to the employee rate. You will be withdrawn and re-enrolled in this membership package.

Q: I have already prepaid for a 6-month or 12-month Green Ridge membership, how can I apply the Roanoke County membership discount?
A: Unfortunately, we can't refund you any money from a prepaid plan. Make us aware of your situation, and we will extend the plan you're currently enrolled in by one extra month at no charge to compensate for the change in fee.

Q: Can I combine this discount with a membership sale at Green Ridge?
A: No. This offer can't be combined with other discounts.

Q: Some programs offer discounts for Green Ridge membership, can I apply that discount in addition to the employee discount?

A: No. This offer can't be combined with other discounts.

Q: I don't have a Roanoke County Employee Badge, can I still get the discount?

A: Proof of employment is required to take advantage of this offer. Please see human resources to get an updated badge. If this can't be done, we may accept a signed letter from your department head or supervisor, verified by a phone call.

Q: I am a part-time Roanoke County Employee. Do I still get the discount?
A: Yes! All Roanoke County employees get the discount.

Q: I am a Roanoke County Public Schools Employee. Am I eligible for the discount?

A: Yes! Effective February 2019, school employees are now eligible for the Green Ridge membership discount only. This does not extend to program discounts such as those offered at Brambleton Center.

Q: I have left employment with Roanoke County, can I continue to receive a discount on Green Ridge membership?
A: We ask that you notify Green Ridge Recreation Center if your employment with Roanoke County is terminated for any reason. You will no longer be eligible for the discount.