Picnic Shelter Rentals

Roanoke County offers 16 parks with picnic shelters. Shelters are available on a first-come, first-served basis at no charge, unless the shelter has been specifically reserved.

  • Available Dates: Shelters may be reserved any day from April 1 to October 31.
  • Rental Duration: All rentals are full day, lasting from 10am to 9pm.
  • NEW Advance Registration: Reservations may be placed 180 days in advance of your booking date, and no less than 7 days prior to your date.

How to Reserve a Shelter

Picnic shelter rentals can be placed in the following ways:

  • By Phone - Call (540) 387-6078 ext. 0 during our administrative office hours of 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.
  • Online - For reservations of 50 participants and below, many shelters can be reserved online. Log onto our Activity Registration Portal, and make sure to LOGIN at the top right, or create a new account if one does not exist. Use the search function to find a shelter on your preferred date.

Reservation Fees

Special preparation efforts are made for reserved facilities. Therefore a reservation fee is charged to offset the expense incurred. Upon confirmation of your group's reservation, a receipt and park reservation permit will be forwarded to the group’s contact person.

Refunds & Cancellations

No refunds will be given for cancellations. To avoid this, rescheduling is encouraged during the current rental season. All cancellations must be received at least by 4pm on the last business day before your reservation (i.e., call on Friday to cancel a reservation for Sunday). A cancellation with proper notice may be rescheduled before October 31 of the current year.

Picnic Shelter Rental Rates & Availability

Number of People
 Rental Rates
(Full Day)
 Shelter Locations - Follow links to view availability
 Up to 50
 $50 Catawba (phone reservation only), Bonsack, Brookside, Clearbrook, Garst Mill, Green Hill, Happy Hollow, Mt. Pleasant, Oak Grove, Starkey, Stonebridge, Vinyard, Walrond, Whispering Pines, Explore Park ($75 rate applies)
 51 to 150
 $80 Catawba Center, Clearbrook, Green Hill, Mt. Pleasant, StarkeyVinyard, Walrond, Whispering Pines, Camp Roanoke
 151 to 500
 $150  Green Hill, Vinyard, Walrond, Camp Roanoke
 501 to 1000*
 $350*  Green Hill, Camp Roanoke (phone reservation only)
 Over 1000*
 Green Hill, Camp Roanoke (phone reservation only)

*Large Groups

Groups of 100 or more must complete a Special Use Application.

  • Complete Special Use Application Online Here
Please note that submission of the application does not constitute approval. The group contact person will be notified of approval and all other details. Large groups may have to pay direct costs, and groups of 300 MUST pay direct costs.

Contact Us

For more information please contact Roanoke County Parks, Recreation, and Tourism at (540) 387-6078.

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